Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nifty and Thrifty:

Through various trial and errors I've learned the ins and outs of

What's that you say, never heard of it?!?! Basically it is a website that specializes in anything printed or customized for businesses or families. Everything from custom invitations, thank you cards, t-shirts, totes, business cards, post cards, etc.

It is awesome if you are planning parties and want custom items for cheap (but still pretty good quality), custom Christmas/Holiday cards, Custom gifts (t-shirts, hats, mugs, mouse pads, pens, etc) for friends and family members for birthday's or holidays, or if you have a business that you are trying to get off the ground!!

As you guys know, Nick and I are planning for our wedding for November 2012, and I'm a thrifty grad student with some extra time on my hands and money that needs to be saved.

I just want to give you my current tally of Vistaprint purchases so you can get an idea of how amazing they are.

Through 8 separate orders, I bought the following:

  • 2 "Just Married" Car magnets
  • 10 Custom Tote Bags
  • 100 Folded Note Cards (Thank you cards)
  • 280 Address Labels
  • 1 Grooms shirt
  • 25 Kiddo Activity Brochures. 
  • 10 Pages of Matching Letter Head
  • 100 Custom "Save The Date" Postcards
  • 2 Pens
  • 2 Sticky Notes Pads
  • 2 Note Pads
  • 2 Notebooks

Normally all of this would have cost about $480
But I only paid $76.94

Awesome right?!?!

Here are a few pictures of the items

Okay so you want to know how I did it right??

Everything I bought was free, I just had to pay shipping and handling. Okay, yes I know you don't believe me, but I promise it is true!!

First I went to this website -- a fellow blogging bride, and learned some tips and tricks from her.  She has a "sample email" page that has a bunch of links to vistaprint for free stuff.

Then I figured out a few tips of my own:

You can "buy" multiple free things per order (ie 1 free tote bag + 10 free note cards + 1 free car magnet)

If you want to buy two of the same thing (ie 2 tote bags) but you don't want to pay S&H twice, design one through the "Business" section, and another through the "Home & Family" section, they have different product numbers, but they are the same product.

Set up an account with them, and leave several items in your cart at all times, they will send you money saving coupons to your email reminding you of the items in your cart

If you buy several orders within a day or two of each other, they will put them all in one box, so if you need it fast pay for express shipping for one order, then standard or slow shipping for the rest -- they will combine the slow ship items into the fast ship box.

Design your own logos and images for a truly custom product (Nick's Groom shirt I designed via Google images and Microsoft publisher).  Save the logo as an image, and you can upload it (most of the time for free).  If you are unsure about how to save a file as an image you can always take a "screen shot" of it (PC users = windows logo + "S") it automatically puts it into Microsoft OneNote, you can then save the image as a photo.

I've notice that if I design multiple free items that are all in my cart, after a few days they go back to original price -- to fix this "remove" items from your cart, then go to your portfolio under my account, and "order" them again.  This usually restores the prices back to "free"

You can also close the window, and re-open vistaprint through this web address:

I'll keep you guys updated on any other awesome vistaprint deals I find!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am a procrastinator!

What can I say? Nearly a month in between blog posts is kinda sad and pathetic. I promise I am trying!!

As promised here is my Aunts big fuzzy blanket I made (like 2 weeks ago?)

(Sorry the picture is kinda crappy)

I didn't take pictures of the process, but it was pretty simple and I think I can talk you through it.

You need:
4 fuzzy blankets (cheap as you can find, I found them at the grocery store for $5 a piece)
Sewing machine
Measuring tape/ruler

First: Wash and dry your blankets!! Cheap material tends to shrink a lot, and not exactly uniformly.

Now take two blankets that will make up the front, and put them face to face making sure they are nearly the same size. Pin, and sew 1/4 -1/2 inch seam.

Do the same for the other side of the large blanket.

Now put your two large blankets face to face, pin all along the edge except for a 2 foot space at the bottom.

Sew all the way around, turn the blanket right side out

Sew the opening close, using a straight, small stitch as close to the edge as you can.

Now pin 1-2 inches from the edge of the blanket to make the "border" all the way around. Sew the edges to keep the blanket from folding funny.

If you wish you can quilt this to make it a little more sturdy.  These fuzzy blankets are incredibly warm, and this one is just shy of the twin size.

I promise to post again soon!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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