Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad Blogger

Sorry I've been M.I.A.!

I've had a crazy week with exams, one last Wednesday and another exam this Friday then I'm flying home for the weekend to go to a friend's wedding, see my parents, one of my best friends and my FiancĂ©!!  Whoop! Haven't seen Nick since the first week in JULY people (that is entirely too long for an engaged couple crazy in love)!!!!

Anyways, also recently upgraded to the iPhone4, and it is like crack. I'm totally addicted and any free time I've had has gone to playing with the new technological addition to my family.  

I have about 3 crafting projects in the works, and I'm hoping in the next week or so I'll be able to finish them and post tutorials on them!! 

Also working on making some new zipper bags/perhaps another purse or two, for the Etsy store! I'll be sure to post about it as soon as I can get them listed! 

Isn't he handsome!! Can't wait to see him! 

I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty week!


Monday, September 13, 2010

On its way to Africa!

Good afternoon! I just got home from the post office where I shipped off the first box of 8" knitted squares to Knit-A-Square in South Africa (as well as a few other things)
Remember I was telling you about this here

To learn more click on my "African Orphans" tab at the top!!

All money for shipping costs was funded through selling bags/purse through my Etsy store (80% of all profits).

Thank you to everyone who bought from my Etsy store, or helped make squares to ship to Africa! Because of us - 58 squares will be made into 2-4 blankets and warm children as early as this winter!!

Picture borrowed from Knit-a-square

Look at those precious faces!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I'm making a tiny difference, one knitted square at a time!

I'm off to study, and then perhaps take a knitting break!! I'm already working on more squares for the next shipment (hopefully in March!)


Re-useable Produce bag

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you an awesome idea is saw somewhere, at some-point, and it recently resurfaced as I was pawing through my stash to bust through this September.

**Warning pictures for this tutorial were taken in the wee morning hours concluding a bout of "creative" insomnia  (can't sleep sometimes cause I have too many crafting ideas!), so most/all of these pictures are pretty crappy, but you get the point!!**

I have a tiny collection of toole, twill, or toule or whatever the heck you call the stuff. Ya know that half fabric, half mesh, slightly stretchy, tu-tu making, impossible to sew together or fold stuff?!?! Yeah that stuff.  I think I got a yard of it at hobby lobby -in the clearance section - awhile back for maybe 25 cents....I mean COME-ON! 25 cents REALLY?! Surely I can find something to make with it....and that I did.

Why toule? because it is light weight, pretty durable, and wont add unnecessary poundage to your pound dependent fresh fruit and veggies purchases. Plus one less plastic bag in the trash, the better.

- a sheet of computer paper (yes paper, believe me)
- 1ish yards of thin ribbon
- safety pin
- toule- less than a 1/4 of a yard with lots of left overs
- sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric measuring tape, etc.

First cut out two rectangles -- any size you want for produce you buy (I LOVE apples so I made mine "apple" size -- take into consideration longer fruits/veggies like cucumbers).

Fold over a 1 inch casing on the top end of the toule, and pin it to the paper....

Now sew the casing using a medium/small straight stitch....or if you want to get crazy do a zig zag. 

Whats this?! The machine doesn't EAT the in fact it doesn't, thank you paper :) 

Now carefully tear the paper away using the "perforation" your needle gave it. 

Repeat the casing on your other rectangle, using this fun paper trick.

Then sew up the sides and bottoms of your rectangles, face to face (using your paper) -- be sure not to sew over your casing and close it up!! 

Now flip your "bag" right side out, and grab your ribbon and a safety pin.. 

Starting at one corner thread it all the way through back to the starting point making a drawstring- knot the ends together. Repeat for the other side. 

You're done!

I plan on making many more of these! 

I was even thinking, I could get really nerdy and color code the bags so I remember which produce to = cucumbers, red = apples, brown = potatoes, white = onions/garlic, pink= tomatoes, oh the possibilities!!

The cashiers here at my HEB already think I'm crazy by bringing 3-4 GIANT nylon shopping bags (from Target, $1 a piece and the fold up into a tiny carrying case!) with me every Sunday. I'll just add a little more crazy to the list when they see all my produce in toule drawstring bags!

I hope you have a fantastically crafty day, 
Now go bust some toule stash! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Office Re-do Part 3

Removable Slip Cover
Total cost: $8.00 

Before  After

As the 3rd installment of my office make-over, the first one is here and here

This was actually quite easy, I've been wanting to do this for awhile, I just didn't have the nerve to staple fabric onto my current I made them removable (and washable!! Great for kids rooms/pet owners!)

  • About a yard of 45" material, preferably cotten blend, with limited stretch/no stretch, that will be durable with daily use. (you may need more for a larger chair!)
  • 2 yards of 1/2 inch elastic
  • Sewing maching, thread, scissors, pins, fabric marker/chalk
  • Paper, marker, tape

Friday, September 10, 2010

Keurig = Hot Beverage Meca

When my parents drove down to South Texas this last weekend for Labor day, we all decided to do my birthday (9/29) and my Mom's birthday (10/2) celebration/gifts early because I wont be able to be home for my birthday or my Moms. Did I mention I'm turning 25?!?! When did that happen? It seems like only yesterday I was turning 21! Geez! 

So part of my birthday gift included the new desk, and the fabric you saw here

The other part of my gift was this: 

The  Keurig Ultimate Coffee maker

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Office Re-do Part 2

So my Mom saw me drooling looking at this fabric, and she knows I'm on the Stashbusting September challenge. So she bought it for me for an early Birthday that cheating? I mean it was a "gift" 

Isn't this just YUMMY!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Office Re-do Part 1

Good morning!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!

I have an office in my apartment that doubles as a extra room when my parents drive down/friends come to visit. It has always kinda been a hodgepodge of furniture - I had two different desks- a small one I've had since I was about 6 that is just big enough for a computer but not much else. Then I bought a desk my junior year at A&M from office depot...that was well...nice but kinda built crappy.

With two desks and a book shelf the room was a little crampted and I just wasn't getting much studying done in there. I was always distracted and I just didn't feel "right" I guess. My Dad recommended I buy a new large desk that would be big enough for my desk top, lap top, and study space. So with help from my parents I got a new desk!

In one corner (crappy office depot desk)

In the other corner (little desk) 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paper flowers Part 6

A while ago I came across this awesome idea from How about Orange, it is cheap, easy, and a great way to dress up a room. I'm even thinking about doing this for my wedding center pieces! 

Head over to How About Orange to see this awesome tutorial 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Glasses case up-cycle

So my Mom has this horribly ugly eye glass case for her prescription sunglasses....

I mean I guess it's okay--ugly enough to find in the bottom of your purse at least...
(get it "guess" haha I crack myself up)

So here is what you need: Hot glue gun, knife, and fabric. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

V-neck redo

I have a few shirts that I bought from old navy awhile back, but they are very "deep" v-necks and very inappropriate unless I wear a tank underneath it (which in this South Texas heat is unbearable!)

Here is the finished product....I didn't take pictures of the process, but I'll give you the run-down. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Urban Re-do

Here is a shirt I bought from Urban outfitters a few weeks ago. I like it because it was $10, AND it had some major potential.
Minor flaws: too big and kinda plain.

Cute right? but kinda plain like I said....

Made a few rosettes with left over fabric from a polo re-do

Friday, September 3, 2010

Final Product!!

Today is awesome because:
- It is FRIDAY!
- Rocked my ICS exam this morning!
- First day of 3 day weekend, Thank you Labor Day!
- My Parents are driving in to spend the weekend with me!
- South Texas is "supposed" to get a "cool front" (so maybe 90 instead of 110?)
- Finished my 2nd Custom order!! WHOOP!

So I wanted to share with you the completed custom order that I alluded to a few days ago here. I have to admit, I agreed to doing this project, with no earthly idea how it was going to come together, I basically "flew by the seat of my pants" if you will.....

Any ideas yet? 
yoga mat? Giant knitting needle holder? 

Still stumped? 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stash Busting September

Hey everyone! 

I was browsing Ellen's  blog  Creative Passage and she posted about joining a group of crafters at Robin's Blog called the The T-shirt Diaries that are abstaining from purchasing any new materials- and crafting off of only the materials they currently have! I personally have about a bazillion Christmas crafts- just waiting to be finished, a fairly small fabric stash (in comparison to most-but its pretty big for me), and a large amount of scrap booking supplies that have been feeling neglected over the last year or so.....

So here are the details: 

Stashbusting September blogs are voluntarily giving up buying crafting supplies for the month of September. They promise to:

  • Link your blog (the main page please not an individual post) to the linky below. The linky will be open until September 4th at Midnight.
  • Craft for personal use only with items they have on hand. No buying new craft supplies, even if you are shopping at Goodwill or garage sales. It is all about busting your craft supply at hand and actually doing those projects you bought all the stash for in the first place. (Buying craft supplies for business use IS permitted)
  • Think of unique and creative ways to use items they were thinking of throwing out (diaper boxes to fabric covered storage bins, pencil holders from soup cans, upcycled clothing, etc.)
  • Think outside of the box.
  • Try to make at least one upcycled craft item this month. Upcycled craft items from Stashbusting September can be entered into the Stashbusting contest for a rocking prize from our top secret sponsor, for now.
  • Proudly post the Stashbusting September button on their website so everyone knows they are busting some stash.
  • Check back here to find out other blogs that are busting some stash.
  •  During Stashbusting September we will still have the "Upcycled Awesome" linky party. I just love all of the inspiration. To be entered in the Stashbusting September contest (the link will be up September 1st) you must link your project up to the Stashbusting September link.
  • Encourage all of your bloggy friends to join up

So head on over to T-shirt Diaries and check it out for yourself!! 

Thanks Robin for helping me get motivated to clean out my stash!! 


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sneak peek

So I'm working on a project, on and off, for the next few days or so (in between studying),  and I just wanted to show you guys a sneak peek

Isn't this fabric yummy?!?!

Here is a small portion of the project

Any ideas what it may be?!?! 

Any guesses? 

Back to studying!! I'm learning lots about Respiratory disorders....I'm now convinced one walk through a mildly crowed room will certainly result in some community acquired pneumonia. Our bodies are amazing, really, the bacteria, viruses and fungi should have killed us all off by now, they are freakishly smart. 

Go get procraftinating!! 

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