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I'm currently a second year PA student (learn about PAs here), and living about 7 hours from my family, close friends, and the love of my life and fiancĂ©, Nick

A little about us, we met in a bar....yes that still happens. I was out with the girls, and he was out with the guys. Nick's then rowdy roommate came over and introduced everyone--and I whispered to my friend "I call dibs on the guy in the stripped polo" (which Nick was wearing). The next day we met up to watch the final Spurs game, and a few days after that we went out for lunch and a movie. From there the rest is history.  After dating for a year and a half (to the day) he proposed. Long story short, we were exchanging Christmas gifts with each other early because we had to spend Christmas eve/morning with our individual families. The last gift I opened was a digital picture frame. He insisted I turn it on to "make sure it worked" and the first picture that popped up was the words "Will You Marry Me?" (insert and "aww" moment here) and he was already on one knee next to me with the most beautiful ring. We are waiting to finish school before we get married, so we still have another 2 years or so before we will be married-- I wish it was tomorrow :o)

I have wonderfully supportive parents who are none-the-less two of my best friends. They have supported me through thick and thin, failure and success, and urged me to be a hard worker, honest, and stand up for what I believe in.  Although we are far apart, they are still very close to my heart (sorry that totally rhymes, and it sounds cheesy-but its true!)

I also have an amazing group of friends from high school (yay band and drumline), college (my BIMS besties, and FAPA), and now grad school. You know who you are, and I love you all soo much

There isn't much to do in this South Texas town, except go to class, study, and well....craft. I visit my local craft store about 2-3 times a week, and I know all the ladies that cut fabric by name (kinda sad isn't it?).

I have a semi-demonic cat, Phoebe, as my roommate. She hates everyone but me, she had a rough kitten-hood. She was found in a Mustang wedged between radiator and some other part of the engine, covered in grease and fleas. She had also been shot at some point with a BB gun-- lodged just under her skin on her right shoulder. Since I adopted her as a tiny 1.5 pound 10 week kitten back in '08 she's gained about 8 pounds, had surgery to remove the BB, and is now very happy--yet sometimes demonic...as are most cats.

A few warnings about this blog: I suck at spelling, I tend to over and under punctuate,  and I can never remember names, but I always remember faces.

I hoped to start this blog to share with you some of the wonderful crafty things I've made using my 3 favorite mediums: paper, yarn, and fabric

I try to create fun, cheap, easy tutorials with lots of instructions. Please leave me comments if you find my tutorial confusing, and I'll try to clear things up, or ya know if you just really like the tutorial tell me!!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!!

- Christina

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  1. Just found your blog from a pinterest post -I love you!!! Wish you still wrote it.


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