Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Hiatus

Wow guys that was quite a blog hiatus!!  My last post was September 22nd!! Gah, shame on me!!

Well here is a lightning speed catch up

My Grandpa (My mom's dad) had a Stroke at the end of October. No worries, he is recovering very well, and is projected to make a complete recovery (but we were all very worried for the first few weeks). I was going to make him this blanket for Christmas, but finished it early and sent it to him just a few days after his stroke. It is a "big and tall" blanket with pockets for his hands and feet to keep them warm. This is a picture of him trying out the blanket for the first time, He said he loved it! 

After my semester was over I traveled to Michigan to visit my grandparents, help out, and spend some much needed quality time with him. This is just 57 days after his stroke, pretty amazing huh? We went out for a walk nearly everyday I was there. I am amazed at his recovery process, and my Grandma's amazing patience.  Many people often focus on family members that maybe ill, but we must never forget the people that care for them everyday. My grandma is an amazing women, with an amazing heart!

December 23rd, Nick and I have been engaged for 2 years today

Christmas! This is my Mom, she was so excited to get a new fart fan for their bathroom, I'm being serious guys. My mom is not the typical "I want jewelry" mom!!

Girls day downtown with two of my besties from undergrad Kato and Kim!

Spent New Years eve/day with Nick, we stayed in and watched netflix all night

Aunt and Uncle came into town and drove all over to see the sights

January 8th, BOOKED THE VENUE FOR THE WEDDING!!! WHOO-HOO!!! Set the official date for the wedding 11.3.12 (yes still 1 year and 9 months away!) This is the view of the chapel, isn't is just GORGEOUS?!

Keep an eye out for my next few posts, I've got lots of crafts to show you!!! 

Stay crafty!!

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