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20-Min Tunic

As some of you know, there is only one store here that sells fabric off the bolt in my town....with a very very limited selection. So I'm always looking for other ways to obtain fabric, through XL T-shirts, twin flat sheets, pillow cases, cloth shower curtains, table cloths, cloth napkins, etc.

So as I was strolling around HEB plus this afternoon I came across this

TWO pillow cases for a DOLLAR...yes that is $1.00-  just under 2 yards of fabric if you rip all the seams and lay them out flat. 

The first time I saw these, they had orange and white ones, but I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure about how the fabric would actually hold up--so I just bought the orange ones, made a tunic and was so excited I forgot to take pictures for this tutorial! So I just HAD to go back and get the blue and green ones so you guys could learn this awesome and nifty skill. 

Here is how to turn a pillow case into a tunic in about twenty minutes:

- one pillow case, or about 1 yard of fabric with left overs (depending on your bust size) **the lighter the fabric the better**
- matching thread
- sewing machine, pins, scissors
- pen/pencil/chalk/fabric marker
- fabric tape measure
- calculator for the arithmetic challenged ladies out there (like me)

Dimensions: measure your bust (around the biggest part of your breasts)

Take that number and multiply by 5, then divide the result by 4...then divide by 2 --this is the width of your rectangles -- add an inch or so for seam allowance. This is your magic number.

If the width of your pillow cases isn't the width of your magic number, then use multiple pillow cases or just regular old fabric--the lighter the fabric the better. I would also love to try this with a muslin, or light linen cotton blend

Now to determine the length of your tunic: measure from the top of your shoulder to the desired length and add an inch for seam allowance. 

I made mine the length of the pillow case because I didn't feel like hemming the bottom....again with the laziness

First: WASH YOUR PILLOW CASES/FABRIC-- if they are brand spanking new out of the package...because they do shrink and I would hate for you to spend all this time measuring, cutting, sewing and then not even be able to wear it!!

Next cut all the seams so you have 2 rectangles like this

Here is the break down:
You are going to sew the red lines with a straight stitch (re-enforcing with a zig-zag). The Yellow lines will be hemmed, and the blue line is the opening (you may need to hem this line too)

Measure your "bra strap to bra strap width" and this is the width of your neck hole. I added a "V" clip to the front of mine (pictures below)  because it is hard to fit your noggin through this tiny hole. If you wish not to add a "V" then add a couple inches to your bra strap width so you can fit your noggin through....

But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

First we need to hem the harm holes, and sew up the sides.

Arm hole hem about a quarter inch:

Now iron and pin the other 3 arm holes flaps, pin up the sides (make sure your fabric is face to face!!) and sew a straight stitch

Re-enforce the arm pit area with a few zig zags, surge the seams on the sides--or use a zig-zag stitch like this:

Now clip your "V" at the very middle of the top like this--this is a single 3-4 inch cut, then fold the raw edges to a quarter inch hem, this is a little tricky....

Now just go ahead and iron and pin a hem all the way across, this is easier then trying to do it later.

repeat for the back (or if you don't want the "V" then this is what your front and back will look like

Sew these two hems....

Next- making your neck hole

My bra strap to bra strap width made it so I had a 4 inch "left over" on each side--but I wanted a little more wiggle room so I made it a 3 inch strap. Sew this up with your fabric face to face...then flip it right side out and you are done!!  Remember if you didn't opt to have the "V" in the front then add 2 inches to your bra strap to bra strap width so you can fit your noggin through the hole!

Yay happy dance!

The Orange Tunic--no "V" clip

The "V" clip Tunic top

Ah yes...success..... Tunic top for Fifty cents, life doesn't get much better than this!
Thanks for stopping by!! As always, let me know what you think by leaving me a comment!!

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  1. You can't beat getting a tunic top for fifty cents!! They both look great!

    Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!


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