Friday, July 23, 2010

Drab to Fab

What two posts in one day?!?! Yes this is true, I just finished this shirt and I had to show it off!!! Quick tutorial too (YAY)

From drab to fab!  Okay so of course you remember my TJ Maxx XL T's that I got for $5.99 a piece, and how to tailor a shirt right? If not refresh your selves here!

- pins, matching thread, needle, seam ripper (because we all make mistakes sometimes), scissors, a few beads (mine were left over from a Christmas project), a contrasting color (left over bit of a white t-shirt, you can also use tule/cotten blend/ or any thing else that will give the flowers texture), and a T-shirt.

So mine was an XL so I tailored it down, and used the remnants left over to make parts of the flowers.

Now cut a dozen or so "circles" (not literally, you will see) out of the grey fabric and your contrasting color.

See...not really circles!

Now with your needle and thread, hand sew the beads to the middle of the flower 'bunch' this will also secure your flower layers together.

Arrange the flowers that have been made on your shirt to decide how you like them....this was actually the hardest part for me.....

Asymmetrical collar perhaps?

Off to one side?

This one looks like a little man...see the eyes and mouth? 

Or perhaps just random? Yes this I like, symmetrical - yet random

Now pin your "flowers" in place and hand sew your flowers on.....this can be a bit time consuming. This is a great time to catch up on old Friends re-runs!!

Here is a close up of my stitches (my camera was cooperating today)...only stitched the smallest top circle to the shirt, because I want the the "petals" to ruffle up a little in the know how I like ruffles. If you want a more flat flower you can stitch each layer down, but this is yet again, more time consuming!

And for the second time today, get up and do your happy dance because you have another awesomely custom, drab to fab T-shirt, perfect for hot summers, or maybe even casual clinic visits under the white coat? We shall see :)

Enjoy!! :o)

Inspiration from Yellow Blackbird, I thank you!


  1. What a cute project! Thanks for linking this up to Sister Sister. Come back and party with us again this Sunday!

  2. SO CUTE! I never would have thought to do the flowers like that. I have tons of scraps from my shirt adventures...I can't wait to try this!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my t-shirt party!

  3. This is so cute! I like that it's different.

    Visiting from the Sunday Showcase link party.

    Rachelle S.

  4. Just a question . . . Once you cut off the bottom hem,do you just leave the bottom unsewn?BTY, I love a.ll of your designs! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing! Sue Theis


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