Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phone books!!

So how many phone books do you have at your house? I managed to acquire 3 in less than 6 months. There always seems to be a new one arriving at my door, or a pile of them at the mail box room at my apartment complex

Who even uses a phone book anymore?!?! When you can hop online and look it up, if your fancy you have an iphone, or you can be like me and "text message" google (466453) when you are on the go and get an instant reply. Say I'm running errands and I want to make a call to (fill in the blank) but i'm not fancy and have an Iphone, so I text message google: fill in the blank, Laredo, TX....a few seconds later = all local listings with addresses and phone numbers! Easy as pie, and it doesn't cost a thing except for maybe a regular text message charge.

Anyways back on topic...phonebooks, and having too many of them.

This was by far my favorite thing to do with a phone book...but oh the possibilities!

A desk/pen organizer!! Okay so here are the supplies:
- phone book
- very sharp exacto knife
- cutting board
- strong arm
- pencil
- hot glue gun & glue
- mod-podge - matte or glossy finish--its up to you!
- close pins

I would attempt to explain this tutorial, but I didn't take any pictures when I did thus I will direct you to an awesome pre-made tutorial here , Thank you Chica and Jo!

The only modification I did was instead of using construction paper or cardboard for the base, I used the phone book front cover --thus this is a very RECYCLABLE project!

Other fun things to do with a phone book!
Make a magazine bowl
Make some origami flowers
Wrap gifts--while using lots of tape
Use it as a door stop?

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!



  1. Oh my gosh - this is a great idea, too! I HATE that they even send me phonebooks - but what a great way to reuse them! Very cool idea!

  2. Thanks Amanda!! Keep your eye out, I'll be posting new paper crafts over the next few weeks!!

  3. What a brilliant idea! My gosh, I love it!


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