Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper flowers part 1

I've alluded to this project in some of my other posts, but I wanted to really show case it. Over the next few days I'm going to show you all the different types of paper flower's I've mastered--most of which I learned from other people's blogs/websites. No worries I'll give credit where credit is due :)

This is a great tutorial to use with old magazines, newspapers, old class notes (which I'm totally guilty of), junk mail, etc. Any source of paper, that is preferably in the "recycled" category. Plus I think they make great conversation pieces instead of folding these out of regular ole non-interesting-excessive tree killing paper.

So first I followed this tutorial here--I was going to attempt to make you guys a tutorial--but lets face it Folding Trees just does an amazing job. (Thanks!)

Shortly after you fold one, you realize this is INCREDIBLY addicting to do! And just so stinkin cute

Now this part is my contribution to the flower making process. Folding trees made this tutorial so you could make these "flowers" into a Japanese kusudama, which is a ball of sorts. I wanted to make them into actual flowers with stems

So take another sheet of your Magazine, phone book, old class notes, etc and using a pencil roll it up starting at one corner and making your way to the opposite corner, use your stick glue to glue as you go.

Then CAREFULLY wiggle it up the middle of your flower putting a little glue on the end as you shove it through like this:

You see the circle in the middle? that is the "tube" of magazine that I made into a stem

Now arrange in a vase and you are done!

YAY happy dance!

I gave these to my mom for Mother's day..she thought they were very cute (I know I'm 24 and 'making' your Mother's day gift out of paper and glue is a little elementary, but like I have said many times before, I'm a POOR grad student!).

These are a few I made out of old pathophysiology notes :) 

I Love that you can see the word "heart" the petal on the right side. Just gives that bit of something special!

Off to my Pharmacology class, I believe we are covering Adrenergic pharm today...whoo hoo.

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