Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

If you are anti-wedding, turn away now because there is about to be a wedding explosion!

Nick and I are getting married 11.3.12, and in Texas the Fall isn't really a big deal, we don't have fall color changes in the trees, everything just kinda turns brown and falls off

Our colors are fall colors with an emphasis on Maroon (We are Aggies of course we are going to have a maroon wedding!). We decided to go with a "Live Oak" themed wedding because at Texas A&M University we have a Century Tree, that is believed to be well over 100 years old. It is just beautiful and it is a common Aggie tradition to walk under the tree with one you love and you will be with them for eternity....so of course Nick and I visited the Century Tree

The following are "inspiration collages" for our wedding


Ceremony Decor

Wedding Favors, and Gift bags for out of town guests

This is a snap shot of the inspiration we liked best 
(also sneak peek of our save the date)

I promise I wont blog about wedding stuff again for awhile...it is just so exciting!!!  Back to crafting!!


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