Thursday, August 19, 2010

Custom Purse

I was going to wait to post this in the morning but I just couldn't wait!! I'm so excited about how this purse came out!!

I've been pretty busy here lately between classes picking up and a few custom orders for friends.
I just finished this purse for my friend, she plans on giving it to her mom for Christmas! She was telling me what her mom liked, fuschia and teal, oriental/Asian style, large purses, with good sturdy straps.

Just so happened that I acquired some fuschia pink oriental satin (from my grandma, like 5 years ago) that has some tiny cherry blossom trees/branches on it! Instant inspiration, its like I was meant to make her mom this purse!

Also stumbled across some black "leather textured" vinyl for super cheap that I made as the main body of the purse with the fuschia satin accent. To incorporate the teal I made the entire liner out of some bright teal satin I also found on discount! Whoo-hoo!! Total material costs was $13.50!! 

This purse added an additional $24.00 to the Africa Orphan account for a grand total of $46.40--I do believe I will be shipping a box of squares to Africa very soon!! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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