Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun Stuff!

My crafting "area" if you will- is quite limited. A little while ago I saw this awesome idea from a fellow blogger (can't remember who...oops!) about taking foam board cutting it into rectangles and using it as tiny bolts, thus easily displaying fabric without forgetting what you have because it is folded up in a drawer, bin, or box some where.

I'm kinda ghetto in the sense that I "made" the second saggy shelf out of a card board box, duct tape, and some white paper. One day I'll find an actual white laminate board to fit there, but for now it works great to hold buttons, ribbon, beads, and hem tape!

Also those fabric boxes on the bottom I made here if you are interested in learning yourself!

I'm also very excited about this vintage sewing notions set I just bought from Etsy at Simply Suzula for $7.00 including shipping!! Couldn't even get all this stuff at Hobby lobby for $7 if I tried. Plus they just don't make hem tape(lace) in these fun colors anymore!!

At a recent Hobby Lobby adventure with a fellow crafter I found this awesome Owl print! How cute is this?!?! Best part was it was in the "scrap clearance" section so it was super cheap!! Also bought some coordinating wild green jersey knit, and my crafty friend threw in some of her scrap left overs that also match! I'll be making a few Make-up bags out of this to sell in my Etsy shop!

That is all for today! Hope you were inspired, now go get to proCRAFTinating!!


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