Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Polo re-do

I have a few polo's (3 to be exact) that I bought from Old Navy, a while ago because they were cute, cheap, and seemed comfortable in the fitting room. So after a run through the wash, I throw one on and head to class....about 15 min after I get in the car my neck starts itching like crazy, and I'm convinced I was assaulted by some 6 legged creature with beady eyes....NOPE! Turns out the "ribbon" they used to cover up the inside seam from the shirt to the collar was the assaulting agent...thus never wore the shirts again.

I've redesigned a few t-shirts now, and I consider myself a semi-good t-shirt reconstructionist (yes it is a word now), here ya go, polo re-do tutorial!


  • Polo shirt
  • Scissors, seam ripper
  • Sewing machine, matching thread
  • A few buttons
  • Knit scraps 
  • Fabric "disappearing ink" marker
  • Ruler

First take your Polo shirt and cut the collar and button on the front out, might as well pull out the "tag" too if you can (mine was also crazy itchy)

As most of you know, cats are drawn to new things on the floor and most definitely get in the way right as you take a picture!

Now sew up the giant V-neck you just created so it minimizes the amount of cleavage showing...or leave it be, totally up to you.

I'm actually thinking about ripping this seam out and doing it a little different so it doesn't "pucker" so much at the end of the seam....but it my shirt is currently in the wash.

Now take your fabric marker and a ruler and draw a few lines of varying lengths about 3/4 of an inch to an inch apart.

Pinch the material so the line you just made is on the edge, and sew a 1/8 inch (or as tiny as you can go  without your machine eating the shirt) seam

Continue doing this until you finish all the lines- be sure to lock your stitch at the beginning and end otherwise one run through the wash will "erase" all your work!

Now it is time to cover up that pesky little dear/moose looking thing.
Cut concentric circles out of the collar and a coordinating knit fabric (you could also use toule for a more "lacy feminine" touch). Also gather some appropriate size/color buttons or beads.

Fiddle around with the placement a bit, and then hand stitch them down-- or if you are brave use your machine!

All done! Run your shirt through the wash to remove any remaining fabric marker- or use cool wet paper towel to help lift the marker out.


(sorry for the insanely visible bra under the shirt, I was too lazy to change). See Phoebe snoozing in the background?

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I'm working on a few other ideas right now, some are great, and others not so great!



  1. Very cute!! For a minute though, I was afraid you were going to leave that pesky little dear/moose looking thing right out there!! LOL... Great tutorial, looking in my closet tomorrow to see if I have a polo I can use!


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