Friday, August 6, 2010

Paper Flowers Part 3

Good Evening all!

I spent the majority of the day Volunteering at Operation Lone Star here in South Texas. The Texas Coast Guard was hosting a large Medical, Dental, and Immunizations clinic to the local community free of charge (they travel many different places and stay a week at each place). They typically target medically under-served areas. It was lots of fun to work along side some amazing people! I primarily helped with taking patient histories- until I realized I'm grossly unprepared for taking a SPANISH medical history, I know lots of Spanish words, but that whole forming sentences part is very tricky, and if you're not careful you get some very surprised and/or amused looks!
Anyways, after I realized this, I headed over to the Triage station and took a couple hundred blood pressures, pulses, and respiration right hand is very sore from that darn blood pressure cuff!!

Okay back to the real reason I'm posting this blog!

Martha Stewart (insert grown, or excited giggle here, depending on your thoughts of her) has an amazing website. If you haven't been there, Seriously lots of different crafty things of all different mediums. During my paper flower phase, I stumbled along her website, and found this great link.

click here to see it.

Thank you Martha! Photo borrowed from here
It has several different types of tissue paper flowers you can make and the bouquet on the page is just beautiful! This convinced me to make my own wedding bouquet out of paper....until I realized that its a special day and I'm going to pay the extra money to get the real flowers....but none the less, it is very pretty!

I can't compete with her tutorials so I'm not going to even try, plus I attempted a few of these, and maybe I didn't read the instructions right, but they did NOT come out looking like hers! Guess some practice will be required!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. Now go proCRAFTinate!! I know I am!


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  1. I never seem to be up to Martha's performance, but I tell myself that I don't have the staff that she does!!


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