Thursday, September 9, 2010

Office Re-do Part 2

So my Mom saw me drooling looking at this fabric, and she knows I'm on the Stashbusting September challenge. So she bought it for me for an early Birthday that cheating? I mean it was a "gift" 

Isn't this just YUMMY!!

So 2 yards a piece and about $40.00 later this has been added to my stash. 
Isn't it just lovely?!?! I like this fabric because it is both masculine (the plaid and stripes) and feminine (the flowers and polka-dots) so when Nick and I move in together after we graduate/get married I'll still be able to use this stuff hopefully for the next 5+ years. 

Ribbon boards
Total cost: $16.00

I have to admit I did purchase brown ribbon (on sale! 6 yards for a dollar!!) and 2 foam boards ($2.99 a piece)  from Michaels-- so I kinda cheated (sorry Stashbusting September!) 
I cut the boards into the size/shape I wanted, covered in fabric attaching it to the foam board with hot glue, then added ribbons also attached with hot glue.  I used about a fat quarter for each board.  I attached them to the wall with some Command picture velcro...pretty sweet stuff and no more holes in the wall (that makes my Dad very happy)

Considering one ribbon board at hobby lobby runs about $25.00 I think this is pretty sweet!

Happy Crafting!! 



  1. You cheated. But only a little bit! :)

    I give you an A... for being honest. And an A for making awesome ribbon boards. :)

  2. Pretty boards for keeping organized


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