Sunday, September 5, 2010

V-neck redo

I have a few shirts that I bought from old navy awhile back, but they are very "deep" v-necks and very inappropriate unless I wear a tank underneath it (which in this South Texas heat is unbearable!)

Here is the finished product....I didn't take pictures of the process, but I'll give you the run-down. 

So first I pinned the lace down following the seam of the shirt. It happened to line up so the longest part of the "scalloped edge" ended up in the middle of the shirt. So sweet deal.  
Then I sewed around the top. Tried the shirt on, and now I needed to do something about the plunging V-neck..

Then I "pinched" the fabric just so it made a square/scoop neck, pined it and sewed it down

Then once I was satisfied with the new neck line I sewed around the bottom of the lace so no ironing will be required once it runs through the wash..

All done!

I hope you all are having a Blessed Sunday!! 


PS. The lace was vintage I bought from an etsy store a few months ago!


  1. Very pretty. It has spun some ideas in my brain, we will see if they go anywhere!!

  2. The lace is beautiful that you used !!! great idea to add a little something extra to a low shirt

  3. I want this shirt! So cute! Thanks again for linking up to Sister Sister Sunday!

  4. i agree. what is it with those deep necklines? i think your addition makes the shirt so pretty and much more demure, thank you very much!


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