Monday, September 6, 2010

Glasses case up-cycle

So my Mom has this horribly ugly eye glass case for her prescription sunglasses....

I mean I guess it's okay--ugly enough to find in the bottom of your purse at least...
(get it "guess" haha I crack myself up)

So here is what you need: Hot glue gun, knife, and fabric. 

First separate the inside from the outside like this...if you can't do this, then well it may be a little more difficult to do this 'make over'

Now get the glue gun and start gluing your fabric down!

Start at the center, and just glue a little spot first then....

Work your way around until you get the to edges, cut a slit.

Now close the case and put a little dab of glue on the outside by the hinge so it doesn't puff up funny when it is open

Here is what the back looks like, glue on either side of the hinge.

Finish the other side and insert the "inside" of the case...This case was still sticky enough inside that I didn't even glue it in, I just put it back and it stayed quite well.

All done!

It matches her purse and wallet I made her too!! Geez my mom is so lucky to have such a crafty daughter like me :)  (it was her birthday present, she got to pick out the fabric, purse style, pockets, etc.)

I hope you all have a fantastic Labor day!!



  1. So awesome! I L.O.V.E it!!!

  2. This is so creative! Thanks for linking up to Sister Sister, see you soon!


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