Monday, September 13, 2010

Re-useable Produce bag

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today I wanted to share with you an awesome idea is saw somewhere, at some-point, and it recently resurfaced as I was pawing through my stash to bust through this September.

**Warning pictures for this tutorial were taken in the wee morning hours concluding a bout of "creative" insomnia  (can't sleep sometimes cause I have too many crafting ideas!), so most/all of these pictures are pretty crappy, but you get the point!!**

I have a tiny collection of toole, twill, or toule or whatever the heck you call the stuff. Ya know that half fabric, half mesh, slightly stretchy, tu-tu making, impossible to sew together or fold stuff?!?! Yeah that stuff.  I think I got a yard of it at hobby lobby -in the clearance section - awhile back for maybe 25 cents....I mean COME-ON! 25 cents REALLY?! Surely I can find something to make with it....and that I did.

Why toule? because it is light weight, pretty durable, and wont add unnecessary poundage to your pound dependent fresh fruit and veggies purchases. Plus one less plastic bag in the trash, the better.

- a sheet of computer paper (yes paper, believe me)
- 1ish yards of thin ribbon
- safety pin
- toule- less than a 1/4 of a yard with lots of left overs
- sewing machine, thread, scissors, fabric measuring tape, etc.

First cut out two rectangles -- any size you want for produce you buy (I LOVE apples so I made mine "apple" size -- take into consideration longer fruits/veggies like cucumbers).

Fold over a 1 inch casing on the top end of the toule, and pin it to the paper....

Now sew the casing using a medium/small straight stitch....or if you want to get crazy do a zig zag. 

Whats this?! The machine doesn't EAT the in fact it doesn't, thank you paper :) 

Now carefully tear the paper away using the "perforation" your needle gave it. 

Repeat the casing on your other rectangle, using this fun paper trick.

Then sew up the sides and bottoms of your rectangles, face to face (using your paper) -- be sure not to sew over your casing and close it up!! 

Now flip your "bag" right side out, and grab your ribbon and a safety pin.. 

Starting at one corner thread it all the way through back to the starting point making a drawstring- knot the ends together. Repeat for the other side. 

You're done!

I plan on making many more of these! 

I was even thinking, I could get really nerdy and color code the bags so I remember which produce to = cucumbers, red = apples, brown = potatoes, white = onions/garlic, pink= tomatoes, oh the possibilities!!

The cashiers here at my HEB already think I'm crazy by bringing 3-4 GIANT nylon shopping bags (from Target, $1 a piece and the fold up into a tiny carrying case!) with me every Sunday. I'll just add a little more crazy to the list when they see all my produce in toule drawstring bags!

I hope you have a fantastically crafty day, 
Now go bust some toule stash! 


  1. This is a great idea! I need to make some of these. In the area I live in you must buy the grocery bags or bring your own. This is the next step in the eco-lution of shopping. Well done. BTW tulle is the spelling you are looking for.

  2. Thanks Janlynn! I am definitely spelling challenged! Tulle it is!


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