Friday, September 3, 2010

Final Product!!

Today is awesome because:
- It is FRIDAY!
- Rocked my ICS exam this morning!
- First day of 3 day weekend, Thank you Labor Day!
- My Parents are driving in to spend the weekend with me!
- South Texas is "supposed" to get a "cool front" (so maybe 90 instead of 110?)
- Finished my 2nd Custom order!! WHOOP!

So I wanted to share with you the completed custom order that I alluded to a few days ago here. I have to admit, I agreed to doing this project, with no earthly idea how it was going to come together, I basically "flew by the seat of my pants" if you will.....

Any ideas yet? 
yoga mat? Giant knitting needle holder? 

Still stumped? 

TADA! Its a stick/mallet holder for one of my friends from High School....remember I'm a former percussionist right?

How awesome is this?!?! So It can hold 4 pairs of sticks/mallets, and one larger pocket on the left for "random percussion goodies"

Percussion goodies pocket with a snap.

Whats this you say?!?! Why it is a giant pocket for keeping sheet music! Whoo-hoo!

Also you can use the inside handle to hang it up on the side of a drum/xylophone/marimba etc to have you sticks handy!

Sweet right?

I'll be shipping this bad boy out soon! I'm very excited that it came out so well, and with everything my awesome friend wanted/needed! 

Oh how the other percussionists will be jealous when they see this!! 

I'm off to clean my apt like a mad woman, it has been neglected the last few weeks due to my crazy exam schedule (luckly next exam isn't for a week and a half YAY).

I hope you all have a wonderful crafty holiday weekend!! 


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