Saturday, September 4, 2010

Urban Re-do

Here is a shirt I bought from Urban outfitters a few weeks ago. I like it because it was $10, AND it had some major potential.
Minor flaws: too big and kinda plain.

Cute right? but kinda plain like I said....

Made a few rosettes with left over fabric from a polo re-do

Little interfacing to strengthen the lightweight material 

Hand sew on, and your done!

Yay!! All done!!

FYI My parents made it okay last night, didn't get in until midnight!  Just finished assembling my new desk!! Pictures later.


  1. Very cute and easy! Looks great!

  2. It is really cute shirt to begin with and the flowers add some nice punch to it.

  3. It must be the week for fabric roses, because I made some the other day, too! *LOL* Yours came out so cute...thanks for sharing.


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