Monday, September 13, 2010

On its way to Africa!

Good afternoon! I just got home from the post office where I shipped off the first box of 8" knitted squares to Knit-A-Square in South Africa (as well as a few other things)
Remember I was telling you about this here

To learn more click on my "African Orphans" tab at the top!!

All money for shipping costs was funded through selling bags/purse through my Etsy store (80% of all profits).

Thank you to everyone who bought from my Etsy store, or helped make squares to ship to Africa! Because of us - 58 squares will be made into 2-4 blankets and warm children as early as this winter!!

Picture borrowed from Knit-a-square

Look at those precious faces!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I'm making a tiny difference, one knitted square at a time!

I'm off to study, and then perhaps take a knitting break!! I'm already working on more squares for the next shipment (hopefully in March!)


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